Country flags in PEN® - what do they mean and where to find in PEN?

Country flags have been a means to indicate country involvement and/or country-specific content within PEN for a number of years. What do the flags mean?


Using GRADE to grade the evidence in PEN®

The PEN® GRADE working group met in September to begin intensive training to transform how the evidence is graded to make practice recommendations for the PEN database.  


PEN celebrates 10 years of supporting dietetic practice

After counting down to celebrating our milestone of the PEN® Knowledge Database supporting dietetic practice for 10 years, in September, we published our PEN eNews anniversary issue!

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Foundational PEN® Content

Ten years ago… around a dining room table in Winnipeg, Canada…
PEN®: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition® was conceived!

What is PEN®

Dietitians have practice-based questions. PEN® has evidence-based answers. PEN® is a one-stop nutrition knowledge repository to power your nutrition practice. Watch our videos to see who we are and how we help.

How to Use PEN® Webinar

Have access to the PEN® knowledge database, but need help with how to use PEN® more efficiently? Watch our 60-minute recorded webinar.

The Impact of PEN®

Watch how PEN® has impacted the practice of dietitians in Canada and around the world

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