COVID-19 Access

NOTE: Open Access to the entire PEN System is ending soon. We will continue to make COVID-19 information, Trending Topics and PEN® eNews available with no PEN subscription or access credits required.

With the spread of COVID-19, the day-to-day practice of dietitians around the world has changed fundamentally. Many dietitians are on the front lines and others are working virtually to provide evidence-based care and combat misinformation. During the next few weeks, access to the PEN® System should not be one of your stressors. Thus, the PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition Team has opened access to the PEN System to dietitians, dietetic students and interns worldwide. The hope is that by eliminating barriers to everything from practice questions to client resources to requiring evidence-based nutrition information, your life becomes a little easier as you continue to provide care, support and evidence-based nutrition information.

NOTE: Open Access is not the same as PEN individual access. To use Open Access and not your individual account, you must log into the Open Access portal using the login button at the bottom of this page. 

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