Food Security

Pathway Contributor: Jacqueline Ehlert


Dr. Jackie Ehlert is a registered dietitian who holds a doctoral degree in nutrition education from Columbia University where she is currently a researcher in the Faculty of Dental Medicine. Prior to completing her doctorate she received a Master’s degree from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science degree at Ryerson University. She is also a research fellow at Ramapo college, and an adjunct professor in the Master's of Nutrition program at Montclair State University and the Master's of Diabetes Education at Columbia University. Her varied research interests are in the areas of eating behaviors of adolescents and emerging adults, sustainability/food security issues and inter-professional education. Her work at the University of British Columbia, involves working with the population she is passionate about serving. There she leads the nutrition programs for students who live in residence and counsels students at the health clinic. She served as the chair for the food security network of Dietitians of Canada and as the chair of the sustainable foods division for the Society for Nutrition Education.

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