Cancer - Neutropenia

Pathway Contributor: Ryna Levy-Milne


Dr. Ryna Levy-Milne is the Provincial Lead for Therapeutic Oncology Services, which includes Nutrition and Speech-Language Pathology at the BC Cancer Agency. She is responsible for coordinating the two programs including clinical practice, community partnerships, education and research. Dr. Levy-Milne completed her BSc at the University of Toronto and her internship at the University of Alberta Hospital. She holds an MSc and PhD from Memorial University, NL. Presently, she is an adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Land & Food Systems, University of BC. Her research focuses on practice-based research in the area of cancer and nutrition contributing to policy development, practice issues and resource development. Dr. Levy-Milne was a co-investigator of the BC Nutrition Survey, which provided the impetus for the nutrition-related provincial health goals. Previously, she worked extensively in the area of school nutrition in BC. Dr. Levy-Milne lives in Steveston, BC with her husband, two daughters and their dog, a Westie named Rudy.