Cancer - Neutropenia

Pathway Contributor: Daena Lamoureux


Daena Lamoureux is the Provincial Coordinator of the Community Cancer Support Network with Alberta Health Services – Cancer Care. Daena’s interest in oncology led to research for her M.Sc. which examined the potential effects of conjugated linoleic acid in reducing tumor growth through effects on the immune system. Daena has been working at Edmonton’s Cross Cancer Institute since 2007 as a Research Assistant examining taste and smell changes and nutrition in palliative care. She previously completed her Bachelor of Science in Physiology in 1995 (University of Alberta), her Master of Science in Nutrition and Metabolism in 1999 (University of Alberta) and, most recently, her dietetic internship with the (former) Capital Health Region in 2009. Daena is passionate about the role of supportive care in oncology and to promoting life-long learning for all health professionals.

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