Diet Composition - Alkaline Diet

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Dr. Susan Whiting is Professor of Nutrition at the University of Sask. Her research focuses on diet influences on bone, specifically; diet & bone growth in children, vit. D status of children, safety & effectiveness of Ca supplements, & soy isoflavones & bone density. Dr. Whiting is a co-investigator in the Saskatchewan Bone Mineral Accrual Study which is known internationally for its findings on how growth, activity & nutrition affect bone development in adolescents. Other research areas include acid-base effects on Ca metabolism, dietary intakes of Canadians, & nutrition concerns of long-term care residents. Other important roles include: VP, President & Past President of the Canadian Society for Nutritional Sciences, panel member of several Institute of Medicine DRI committees, member of the Editorial Board of the Br J of Nutr, consultant to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Osteoporosis Society of Canada, & Chair of the Nutrition Subcommittee of the OSC Practice Guidelines.

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