Nephrology - Renal Transplant

Pathway Contributor: Susan Martin


Susan Martin is Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with the Renal Transplant Program at the University of Alberta Hospital and the Northern Alberta Renal Program. After graduating with honours from the University of Manitoba in 2002, Susan completed her post-grad internship with Capital Health in Edmonton. After internship, Susan completed a renal dietetic residency program through Capital Health. Susan began her career as a renal dietitian at the Red Deer Regional Hospital with a temporary one year position in 2003; working with renal inpatients, hemodialysis, renal insufficiency and peritoneal dialysis outpatients. Following this, Susan moved to Ontario and worked for the Orillia Soldier's Memorial Hospital working in the satellite dialysis and renal insufficiency clinic in Barrie. While in Barrie, Susan developed protocols for bone management and was a part of the Quality Assurance team for the dialysis unit. Susan also worked with the Canadian Diabetes Association in developing resources for patients with chronic kidney disease and diabetes, including co-authoring a chapter in Beyond the Basics. In 2007, Susan moved to Edmonton to work with the Renal Transplant Program, where she continues to work with renal transplant outpatients. In the Renal Transplant Program, Susan has developed a Vitamin D protocol as well as belonging to various working groups developing provincial nutrition practice guidelines for renal transplant patients as well as standardized provincial education resources.


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