Pathway Contributor: Sydney Massey


Sydney Massey is a registered dietitian and the Director of Nutrition Education for the BC Dairy Foundation. Her experience extends from working with teachers and students in the K-12 school system as well as to working with adults in public health and community settings. She was instrumental in developing "BC Foods - A Rainbow of Choices" - the application of the 1992 Canada’s Food Guide to the British Columbia food system. She recently served on Health Canada's Food Guide Advisory Committee. Sydney has received several honors from her colleagues, including the Jackie McConkey-Bridges Nutrition Communications Award (1990,2006); the Ross Laboratories Clinical Excellence Award (1990); and as part of the BC Dairy Foundation, the Speaking of Food and Healthy Living Award (2002,2006). She graduated with honors from Barnard College with a degree in Linguistics; completed a Masters in Public Health in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina.

contributed to the following Practice Questions: