Gastrointestinal System - Intestinal Permeability

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Natasha Haskey is a Registered Dietitian with an undergraduate and Master’s Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Through her Masters work, Ms. Haskey developed an expertise in the field of gastrointestinal nutrition, specifically in the areas of probiotics, prebiotics, and how diet impacts the microbiome. In January 2017, Natasha started a PhD at UBC - Okanagan focusing on how components of the diet influence inflammation and the gut microbiome. Once she achieves her PHD, she hopes to work in the academic setting, where she can both teach and continue her research in the microbiome field. Natasha is passionate about translating emerging scientific information into practical recommendations for both clinicians and the public that are easy to understand and easy to follow. She has shared her expertise at many conferences both nationally and internationally, including Dietitians of Canada, Diabetes Canada and the International Congress of Dietetics. Natasha is co-author of Gut Microbiota: Interactive Effects on Nutrition and Health. This is the first textbook in Canada to provide a broad overview of gut microbiota and nutrition, with a focus to engage and inform dietitians and other health care professionals.

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