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Evidence Clip – The Popular Paleo Diet

A succinct PEN® review on the evidence on the Paleo diet.

2017-10-19 – Evidence Analysis

Child Diet Slide Set (UK)

PowerPoint presentation by Public Health England providing information on key data, patterns and trends in the child diet.

  2016-08-29 – Other

Article Analysis: The MIND Diet and Alzheimer's Disease

An article analysis on the MIND diet and Alzheimer's disease.

2015-04-29 – Evidence Analysis

Evidence Clip – Is “Cleansing” Healthy?

A succinct PEN review on the evidence of the effects on cleansing.

2014-02-24 – Evidence Analysis

Plant-based Diets and the Environment Background

Background information regarding plant-based diets and the environment.

  2019-05-13 – Background

FAQ #2: Alkaline Diet

A document for health professionals from the BC Cancer Agency providing background information about alkaline diets and cancer.

  2016-11-04 – Handout

Gestational Diabetes Background

A background related to gestational diabetes.

2018-06-07 – Background

Food and Nutrition Labelling Background

Background information regarding food and nutrition labelling.

2018-07-16 – Background

Lectins – Are They Damaging to Our Health?

A Trending Topic on lectins.

2018-07-16 – Evidence Analysis

Sports Nutrition Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding sports nutrition.

2017-10-24 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence