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The Benefits of Eating Together for Children and Families

This resource outlines the benefits of eating together and provides strategies for making it easier and more enjoyable.

  2017-09-06 – Handout

Living Confidently with Food Allergy - A Guide for Parents and Families, 2 Edition

This second edition Food Allergy of Canada booklet provides information for parents and families on how to manage allergies in children.

  2017-11-02 – Handout

DAA - Easy Family Eating for Healthy Kids

A consumer factsheet by the Dietitians Association of Australia providing easy tips on healthy eating for children.

  2011-05-23 – Handout

Weaning made easy moving from milk to family meals (Northern Ireland)

This Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland) consumer leaflet provides parents with information on introducing solid food to their infants. Available in English, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

  2014-07-02 – Handout

Heart Health Eating for Kids

Information from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada on heart healthy eating for families with school aged children. It includes tips on meal planning and shopping and provides recipes.

  2018-11-29 – Handout

How to Promote Good Television Habits

This Canadian Paediatric Society article provides tips for families to manage television exposure time.

2012-10-22 – Handout

5 Steps to Healthy Eating for Children Aged 4-11

This handout provides tips and advice for feeding children healthy meals and snacks.

  2018-02-09 – Handout

Fr: Mieu vivre avec les allergies alimentaires, 2nd Edition (Living Confidently with Food Allergy)

This second edition Food Allergy Canada booklet provides information in French for parents and families on how to manage allergies in children.

  2017-11-06 – Handout

Eating Well: Supporting Older People and Older People with Dementia

A guide developed and published by the Caroline Walker Trust providing practical advice and example meal plans for people with dementia and for professionals and families who look after them..

  2016-07-12 – Handout

Living with Kidney Failure

A handbook from the Kidney Foundation of Canada to help individuals and their families understand treatment options (dialysis, transplant and non-dialysis supportive care), importance of advance care planning, and provides advice for dealing with practical matters like work, money and insurance as well as tips for living well with kidney failure.

  2020-02-06 – Handout