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Genetically Modified (GM) Foods and Other Novel Foods

This Health Canada fact sheet provides information on genetically modified foods and other novel foods.

  2013-10-07 – Handout

Fr: Aliments génétiquement modifiés et autres aliments nouveaux (Genetically Modified (GM) Food and Other Novel Foods

This french Health Canada fact sheet provides information on genetically modified foods and other novel foods.

  2013-10-16 – Handout

Plant-based Diets and the Environment Background

Background information regarding plant-based diets and the environment.

  2019-05-13 – Background

COVID-19: Food Service Establishments, Long-Term Care Centres and Food Service Workers Links

A collection of links for long-term care centres, food service establishments and food service workers.

      2020-03-27 – Other

Food Allergies and Allergen Labelling - Information for Consumers

Consumer information from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) about the labelling of food allergens with links to food recalls, alerts and food allergy fact sheets.

  2016-12-08 – Client Education Tools

Canada's Food Guide: Eat Protein Foods

Information related to Canada's Food Guide from Health Canada about choosing and preparing protein foods for good health.

  2019-01-23 – Handout

Importance of Food Skills

This section from Health Canada’s Canada’s Dietary Guidelines outlines the importance of food skills to navigate the food environment and support health eating.

  2020-08-17 – Handout

International Food Safety Collection

An international collection of food safety websites with information on standards, regulations and legislation.

        2019-07-07 – Website

Canada's Food and Drugs Act and Regulations

A consolidation of information by Health Canada, sourced from both the Food and Drugs Act and the Food and Drug Regulations, which includes regulatory data related to food fortification, food additives, nutrition labelling, nutrient content claims, health claims, allergen labelling and natural health products. Includes link to Interim Marketing Authorizations (IMAs) for vitamin and mineral additions to foods.

  2016-06-16 – Position Paper/Policy Document

Fr: Produits de santé et aliments axés sur les nanotechnologies (Nanotechnology-based Health Products and Food)

This French resource by Health Canada provides information on nanotechnology applications in food products and summarizes the involvement of the interdepartmental Health Portfolio Nanotechnology Working Group in international initiatives related to manufacturing and regulation of nanomaterial.

  2017-05-16 – Handout