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ASPEN Institute: Advocacy Tools

This website hosts two advocacy tools, The Advocacy Progress Planner and Continuous Progress Advocacy Tools. The Progress Planner is a free online tool to help incorporate evaluation into strategic planning. The Continuous Progress tool provides a step-by-step tool for planning and conducting evaluations before, during and after the project.

     2018-06-22 – Website

BAPEN Malnutrition Self-screening Website

A self-screening tool based on the ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (‘MUST’) from BAPEN for the public to help assess weight loss and whether an individual is at risk of malnourishment.

  2022-07-18 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

Spinal Nutrition Screening Tool (SNST)

A validated screening tool to determine the risk of malnutrition in adults with spinal cord injuries. Open access to article available through Full Text Links on pubmed.

         2019-10-28 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

Policy Readiness Tool

The Policy Readiness Tool from the School of Public Health, University of Alberta website provides professionals with an interactive questionnaire to determine a community or organization's readiness for policy change. Included with the questionnaire is a series of strategies for working with communities or organizations at different stages of readiness for healthy public policy change and a resource list for additional information.

    2018-04-15 – Other

UK: National Diet and Nutrition Survey

Survey results from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) rolling programme for 2016 to 2017 and 2018 to 2019 for food consumption, nutrient intakes and nutritional status from Public Health England.

  2022-08-17 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

Food Labelling: A Tool to Help Improve the Food Literacy of Consumers

A guide providing information on the changes to labelling on products sold in the U.K. which includes links to front of pack/back or side of pack, ingredients, allergens, nutrition labelling – a history and resources.

  2016-12-21 – Manual/Guide

Food and Drink Labelling: A Tool To Encourage Healthier Eating

A guidance document developed by U.K Food and Drink Federation (FDF) to help explain nutrition labelling.

   2016-09-06 – Manual/Guide

BAPEN (malnutrition website)

This BAPEN (British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) website provides information on the prevention, screening ('MUST' resources) and treatment of malnutrition. It also includes sections on what can be done about malnutrition and resources for professionals.

  2022-07-18 – Website

Learn How To Eat Mindfully with the ‘Eat-Mojis’

A tool developed by IFIC to help consumers gauge hunger before starting eating and during eating.

   2016-09-06 – Other

BMI Child Calculator

This PEN® tool for professionals calculates body mass index (BMI) for children.

    2016-03-30 – Calculations/algorithm