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Spinal Nutrition Screening Tool (SNST)

A validated screening tool to determine the risk of malnutrition in adults with spinal cord injuries. Open access to article available through Full Text Links on pubmed.

         2019-10-28 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

Arabic - Health Information Translations

A variety of health education topics translated in Arabic by the Health Information Translations. Nutrition related topics include allergies, lowering sodium, cholesterol, diabetes and low blood sugar, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, sore mouth with cancer treatment. Note resources may focus on different country practice guidelines.

      2018-06-20 – Client Education Tools

Waist Circumference Measurement

A collection of waist circumference measurements according to country-specific guidelines.

     2016-01-08 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

Nutrition Care Process and Terminology Web Links

A listing of country-specific websites providing information on the nutrition care process (NCP) and related terminology.

      2021-02-25 – Website

Health Literacy Web Links

A collection of websites related to health literacy.

     2020-11-17 – Website

Regulation of Dietary Supplements (New Zealand)

Information about the regulation of dietary supplements from Medsafe, New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority.

  2021-06-23 – Game/Quiz/Interactive Tool

Musculoskeletal/Connective Tissue Disorders - Web Links

A collection of websites related to a variety of musculoskeletal/connective tissue disorders, including gout.

     2016-01-20 – Website

Mental Health – Schizophrenia Web Links

A collection of websites on schizophrenia

     2018-05-28 – Website

Dietetics Education and Training Background

Background information regarding dietetics education and training.

       2018-02-12 – Background

Cancer Web Links

A collection of websites related to cancer.

       2020-10-05 – Website