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Spinal Nutrition Screening Tool (SNST)

A validated screening tool to determine the risk of malnutrition in adults with spinal cord injuries. Open access to article available through Full Text Links on pubmed.

         2019-10-28 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

South African Guidelines for Healthy Eating and Food Guide

Food guide, a primary food group symbol and a tool for nutrition education, and guidelines for healthy eating for South Africans aged five and over published by the Department of Health, Directorate Nutrition of South Africa with support from the FAO. Includes information on healthy food choices and activity for healthy living.

  2015-02-13 – Practice Guideline

School Food Policy Collection

A collection of policies for food and nutrition in schools.

         2019-10-08 – Position Paper/Policy Document

Healthy Lifestyle Web Links

A collection of websites related to a healthy eating and active living.

        2022-03-31 – Website

Eye Health Web Links

A collection of websites related to eye health.

      2016-10-21 – Website

Down Syndrome Web Links

An international collection of websites related to Down Syndrome

        2019-02-07 – Website