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The Gluten Challenge – A Primary Care Resources

A professional resource from Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) Professional Advisory Council about Serologic testing, gluten screen and testing for celiac disease with a gluten challenge.

  2019-05-03 – Handout

Gluten-Free Training for the Food Service and Hospitality Industry

GF-Smart™ is online “professional training for managers, servers, and back of house staff covering the essential aspects of providing safe gluten-free foods within a commercial kitchen. The program covers topics such as ingredient sourcing, proper storage practices, avoiding cross-contamination, gluten-free food preparation and serving”. There is a fee for the training and it is available in English and French.

  2019-05-03 – Course

International Celiac / Coeliac Association Statements on the Safety of Oats

Statements on the safety of oats for individuals with celiac/coeliac disease from the Canadian Celiac Association, Coeliac Australia and Coeliac New Zealand, The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, the U.S. Celiac Sprue Association and the U.K. Coeliac Association are also included.

      2016-08-03 – Position Paper/Policy Document

Lectins – Are They Damaging to Our Health?

A Trending Topic on lectins.

2018-07-16 – Evidence Analysis

Gluten-free Products Labelling Requirements

Health Canada and The Canadian Food Inspection Agency have guidelines for what can and can not be labelled as gluten-free. Also there are several new tests avaiable for testing the amount of gluten in products.

2009-04-22 – Other

Grains, Pulses and Seeds Web Links

A collection of websites related to grains, pulses and seeds.

2014-01-15 – Website