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Article Analysis: The MIND Diet and Alzheimer's Disease

An article analysis on the MIND diet and Alzheimer's disease.

2015-04-29 – Evidence Analysis

Mental Health Disorders – Dementia Web Links

A listing of websites on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

    2019-02-18 – Website

Nutrition and Dementia – A Review of Available Research

A report developed and published by Alzheimer’s Disease International is a review of the available research on nutrition and dementia across the life course including nutritional factors and dementia prevention, undernutrition in dementia and improving nutrition for people with dementia. Both an executive summary (in English and Spanish) and the full report are available

  2016-07-12 – Research Report/Paper

Mental Health Disorders - Dementia Background

This background document provides information on dementia, including signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

2012-06-19 – Background

Mental Health Disorders - Dementia

2013-03-28 – Knowledge Pathway

Mental Health Disorders - Dementia Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding nutrition and dementia.

2014-07-29 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

Eating and Drinking. Staying Well with Dementia.

This leaflet for consumers provides tips on improving eating and drinking for people with dementia. Reviewed and approved by BDA Older People Specialist Group.

  2019-02-19 – Handout

Caring for Someone With Dementia – Nutrition

This fact sheet from Alzheimer’s Australia provides caregivers with practical tips for ensuring someone with dementia is eating well.

  2015-05-12 – Handout