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An Introduction to Evidence-Informed Public Health and a Compendium of Critical Appraisal Tools for Public Health Practice

This National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools document defines and summarizes the concept of evidence-informed public health (EIPH), supports the importance of critical appraisal of primary research studies and systematic reviews to inform practice, and presents some of the more commonly used critical appraisal tools.

  2021-08-31 – Topic Overview

Research Methods in Dietetic Practice Background

Background information regarding research methods in dietetic practice.

  2022-01-28 – Background

Research Methods

2022-02-17 – Knowledge Pathway

Health Evidence Glossary

Glossary of health-related research terms from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT) available from Health Evidence.org.

  2020-05-22 – Directory

Public Engagement: A Practical Guide

This guide from Sense About Science for researchers provides information on how to work with the public in order to communicate research findings.

   2021-08-31 – Manual/Guide

Understanding Health Research

An interactive tool, available through Sense about Science, to guide professionals through a series of questions to help them review and interpret a published health paper.

  2021-08-31 – Game/Quiz/Interactive Tool

Statistics Done Wrong

A comprehensive guide, written by a PhD student in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, that covers statistical analyzes used in scientific papers, including sections on statistical power and pseudoreplication, and how they can be abused in science. Information is written in plain language and made available through Creative Commons.

2021-08-31 – Manual/Guide

Peer Review Training Modules for Dietitians

Three modules from the Canadian Cochrane Centre and Dietitians of Canada, with support from the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) are available to help increase the use of Cochrane Systematic Reviews among registered dietitians.

  2021-08-31 – Course

Research Literature Databases

A listing of research related literature databases for health professionals to use in practice and when conducting research.

  2021-12-08 – Game/Quiz/Interactive Tool

Potential Sources of Research Support

A listing of potential sources of research support from sources across the globe for health professionals to access to potentially support their research.

  2021-11-03 – Game/Quiz/Interactive Tool