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The KinD Report (Kidneys in Diabetes)

This professional report, prepared for Kidney Health Australia, describes epidemiological trends in diabetic kidney disease and associated health care costs.

  2016-07-07 – Research Report/Paper

Dietitians as Part of Your Health Care Team

An advocacy-related, bilingual fact sheet from Dietitians of Canada outlining where dietitians can save health care costs and improve employee productivity.

  2018-10-25 – Handout

Estimation of Human Resource Needs and Cost of Adding Registered Dietitians to Primary Care Networks

An article from the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research on human resources and costs needed to plan for the addition of registered dietitian services to new models of primary health care. Estimates were developed, based on an analysis of an enhanced dietitian model of counselling and health promotion services in three Ontario Family Health Networks.

  2018-04-16 – Research Report/Paper

Iron Deficiency - Investigation and Management

Succinct guideline on the investigating and managing iron deficiency by the Guidelines and Protocols Advisory Committee, British Columbia Ministry of Health. Written for the health care professional. Addresses prevention, risk factors, signs, symptoms, screening, causes, diagnosis and management. Also includes information on dietary sources of iron and a detailed chart on oral and intravenous iron preparations including dosing, side-effects and costs.

  2014-09-30 – Practice Guideline

Dietitians and Chronic Disease Management

An advocacy-related, bilingual fact sheet from Dietitians of Canada outlining where nutrition counselling by dietitians can reduce client’s risk of developing diabetes and improve eating behaviours.

  2018-10-25 – Handout

Outcomes of Dietitian Interventions Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding the outcomes of dietitian interventions.

  2018-11-01 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

Telehealth Web Links

A collection of websites related to telehealth.

     2017-01-29 – Website