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Lectins – Are They Damaging to Our Health?

A Trending Topic on lectins.

2018-07-16 – Trending Topic

Trending Topic - Why Are Journal Article Retractions Important to Practitioners?

This Trending Topic article reviews the importance of journal article retractions.

2019-02-07 – Trending Topic

Trending Topic - Recent Research on Vitamin D

A PEN® system trending topic review on recent evidence related to vitamin D screening and supplementation.

2018-05-07 – Trending Topic

Trending Topics - Plant-based Beverages – Are They Really Healthier for Young Children? (Reposted from Aug 29, 2017)

This Trending Topic article reviews the nutrient composition of plant-based beverages and advises that they may not be nutritionally adequate for young children.

  2017-11-10 – Trending Topic

An Update on Taxation and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

The PEN Team is currently reviewing the evidence on the health impact of SSB intake on adults and children, anticipating publication in 2022. In the interim, here is a look at the positions of the partnering PEN countries related to SSB taxation.

2021-11-08 – Trending Topic

The Effect of Probiotics on Mental Health

An analysis of a research article on the effects of probiotics on mental health.

2018-01-12 – Trending Topic

Trending Topic: Food Allergy Prevention in Infants

A PEN® review on the prevention of food allergies in infants.

2019-08-22 – Trending Topic

Trending Topic - Do New Parents or Parents-to-be Need to be Concerned with Dietary Arsenic Exposure?

This PEN system trending topic examines the potential harm from dietary inorganic rice exposure in pregnant and lactating women and the consumption of rice and rice products by young children.

       2018-05-03 – Trending Topic

Can Vitamin D Supplements Prevent or Improve the Course of COVID-19?

The PEN Trending Topic discusses the research for vitamin D supplements and COVID-19.

  2020-11-02 – Topic Overview