Sign up for PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition®

In order to subscribe to PEN: Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition® or to sign up for a 15 day Free Trial, you need to first create a PEN Account. After entering your account information, clicking on the "Start Free Trial" button takes you to the PEN home page where you can immediately begin to explore PEN. On the PEN home page you can subscribe to PEN at any time during the Free Trial. Take a look at the subscription options described below.

If you have signed up for a free trial in the past and now wish to subscribe, please log into PEN with your existing username and navigate to the "My Account" tab to begin the subscription process.

Step 1 - Are you a member of a National Dietetic Association (NDA)?

Group Licensing
Under this type of licensing, each license is assigned to an individual who signs into PEN with their own username and password from the PEN login page. They can access PEN from any computer. You must have a minimum of 5 people to purchase a group license. Members, student / qualifying members and non-members may participate in a group license. While you do not necessarily need to be from the same institution, we can only accept one payment from the group.

We require one person to assume responsibility to make the single payment on behalf of the group, activate the licenses and to coordinate any changes to the group subscription. To activate the licenses you will require full names, email addresses and relevant DC membership numbers. You will need to assign a username to each member of the group. The system can automatically create a password for each person which they can then change once logged into PEN by clicking the “Manage Your Profile” on the PEN homepage.

Purchasers will have full access to PEN as soon as payment is received in full. If paying by credit card, you will be given immediate access to PEN. For those paying by cheque, you will receive access to PEN once we receive and process your payment. On average it takes 5 business days for us to receive a cheque by mail and process the payment. For group orders, you will be able to assign usernames and passwords to others up to the total number of licences purchased.

Purchasers will have access to PEN from the website for a one year period from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to deny or revoke access to PEN, until full payment is received, at our sole discretion. See our License Agreement & Terms of Use for further details.

Site Licensing
Using this option, users within your institution or on your computer system network can instantly access PEN from any computer you identify within your computer system network without entering a username or password. Large health care facilities, and university and health care institution libraries primarily choose site licensing.

Site Licensing must be purchased in multiples of 5 concurrent user licenses. Institutions purchase concurrent user licenses, which are shared throughout the worksite. The number of concurrent user licenses purchased determines the maximum number of people who can login to PEN simultaneously (5 concurrent user licenses supports 5 people online at a time). Institutions must determine how many people they expect will utilize PEN at a given time and purchase the appropriate number of concurrent user licenses. Worksite PEN usage statistics will be available to the account administrator to assist them with evaluating the optimal number of concurrent user licenses for their institution.

The users of the site license will need to identify one or more people as the account administrator. This person is responsible for placing the order, entering/updating the site IP addresses, entering/updating facility contact information and acting as the main contact for technical support issues, should it be necessary. The account administrator does not have to be one of the users who will be accessing PEN.

Advantages of Site Licensing:
  • Users do not require a username/password to access PEN. Access to PEN is seamless.
  • The account administrator doesn’t have to assign licenses to users.
  • Can be easily set up in an institution or large enterprise or on a computer network.

Disadvantages of Site Licensing:
  • Will require the help of your facility technical staff to identify your IP (Internet Protocol) address(es) to allow seamless access to PEN.
  • Users can only access PEN while located at the institution. (Alternatively, users can access PEN from outside of the institution by using a VPN or “Virtual Private Network.” Users should speak to their facility’s Information Technology group to see if this option is available to them.)
  • There is no price advantage (discount) to DC members over nonmembers.

Requirements for Site Licensing:
  • The location must have static IP addresses (most institutions use static IP address. Speak to your facility’s Information Technology group if you are not sure). If you do not use static IP address but would still like to use a Site License, contact us at:
  • One or more people must act as an account administrator on behalf of the institution.
  • The account administrator will be responsible for distributing the site's unique PEN login URL (link) to all users of the site licenses. The account administrator will all receive any relevant communications from the PEN Team for dissemination to site users as well as site license usage reports.
  • Site Licensing must be purchased in multiples of 5 (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc...) concurrent user licenses

For example on the order form – PEN Site Licensing – if you are ordering 5 concurrent user licenses, you select 5 for the Quantity.