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PEN is a dynamic knowledge translation subscription service available internationally as individual or group licenses for food, nutrition, and dietetic practice.

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What's Being Said About PEN
What’s Being Said About PEN

I am a huge fan of PEN. I rely on the expertise of the PEN team to provide me with evidence-based support and resources for my private practice on a daily basis.

Kim Wagner Jones, MSc, RD
Running Injury Clinic and U of C Sport Med Centre, Calgary

What an exciting development that PEN is expanding globally!

Karol Traviss RD
Dietetic Education Coordinator, University of British Columbia

Students can use PEN to guide their decisions concerning dietetics practice and to point them towards to the most relevant current literature and the thinking of experts in the field on a specific area of practice.

Maureen E. Rose, RD, PhD
Professional Practice (Stage) in Dietetics Coordinator, McGill University

I am delighted that the BDA is able to collaborate with the Dietitians of Canada in this exciting initiative.

Helen Davidson
Honorary Chairman, The British Dietetic Association

Going international will facilitate resource sharing and will bring about critical thought and the brightest minds in the world of nutrition and dietetics.

Kristyn Hall RD, MSc

I so applaud this service and hope that everyone subscribes and uses this extensively in their practice and as a means to stay up to date.

Heather Petrie MSc PDt

Writing the pathway was actually a good learning process; and I feel like I was able to contribute to the profession and use my training to benefit others.

Jo Anne Arcand RD PhD Candidate

PEN is a fantastic, user-friendly resource developed over a number of years by our Canadian colleagues.

Julie Dundon AdvAPD and DAA President

From my first days as a dietitian I have always believed that we have to practice evidence-based dietetics - that is how I ended up in research.

Assoc Prof Margaret Allman-Farinelli APD and DAA Director

Today evidence based practice is a key component of the dietitians tool kit.

Professor Clare Collins FDAA

PEN Orientation Tutorial
PEN Orientation Tutorial

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What's New in PEN Global
What’s New in PEN Global

PEN has gone global. Including AUS, CAN, NZ & UK.

PEN Terminology
PEN Terminology

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