What is PEN?

PEN® is Global 

Universities, dietetic associations and nutrition professionals around the world use PEN.

Global Map of PEN Users 


PEN® Storyboard 

Do you love being a dietitian? We do too! Our storyboard video shares our story of who we are and how we have grown to become a global resource for nutrition practice.

PEN® Prezi 
This Prezi outlines 15 ways PEN can help dietetic students and interns in training.

The PEN® System: A Tool for Your Career!


Celebrating PEN@10: An International Success Story

"Dietitians around the world have similar practice-based questions and face similar challenges in trying to stay on top of emerging evidence and nutrition research. The story of collaboration to create a sustainable and innovative tool that synthesizes the knowledge foundation for the dietetic profession worldwide is highlighted in this session. Milestones on the road to the international collaboration are shared from the British Dietetic Association, Dietitians Association of Australia and Dietitians of Canada, along with the diverse ways is being used and how it promotes dietitians as leaders in evidence-based nutrition practice around the globe." 

Celebrating PEN@10 


PEN Thrives on Volunteers!

Volunteer authors and reviewers are critical to growing the PEN System and keeping it up to date. Names of PEN volunteers and a thank you for their valuable contributions are published in PEN eNews. Search for "Volunteer" in the PEN eNews search to find the latest list.
Is your name on the list? Want to see it there? Find out more by completing the Become a PEN Author or Reviewer form.