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IndividualIndividuals purchase an annual PEN license online through the Sign Up Page and receive unlimited access
  • Any dietitian or nutrition-related healthcare professional who works in practice settings such as: clinical, administration, community, education, food manufacturing and or distribution or retail, government, and private practice.
  • Dietetic students who are unable to access through their higher education institution.
SiteInstitutions purchase an annual license online.

License ‘seats’ are sold in multiples of 5, where the seat total represents the maximum number of people on an institution’s network that can be logged in concurrently.
  • Higher-education Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • IGOs & NGOs
  • Other workplaces
National Dietetic Association
Associations enter into an agreement with the PEN Team that allows their members to create Individual Licenses.

Subsidized rates for partial or full association membership – contact us for more details.
National dietetic associations who want to bring the benefits of the PEN System to their members.

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The PEN® System is proudly international. Depending on your location you will be charged in Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Pounds Sterling or US dollars. 

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Price valid until April 1, 2023

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    National Dietetic Association License  

    Subsidized per person rates are available for partial or full association membership.
    Contact us for more details.
  • Currently affiliated associations:

    • Association for Dietetics in South Africa
    • British Dietetic Association
    • Dietitians Australia
    • Dietitians of Canada
    • Dietitians New Zealand
    • Fagligt selskab af Kliniske Diætister
    • Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetics Society