Knowledge Pathways

PEN is organized by topic into Knowledge Pathways. Knowledge Pathways are sorted by practice category to make searching the Table of Contents easier. Knowledge Pathways are organized in a question and answer format and contain supporting professional tools such as background documents; practice guidance toolkits; reference lists; practice guidelines and position papers; and links to credible websites, electronic publications and databases. Client handouts and tools, tables and validated calculators are also Knowledge Pathway features. If you are in a rush, the Summary of Recommendations and Evidence and/or Practice Guidance Toolkit will give you a summary of the topic and all of the evidence-based practice recommendations.

Choose a practice category below to view the Knowledge Pathways within this category. You may also view the entire Table of Contents.

Select a Practice Category:
  • Population Health / Lifecycle

    This Practice Category addresses healthy eating and active living issues with the perspective of promoting/maintaining health of the entire population and/or population groups.
  • Health Condition / Disease

    Often thought of as "clinical" topics, this Practice Category focuses on prevention, treatment or therapeutic interventions of specific illnesses with individuals or groups.
  • Food / Nutrients

    This Practice Category is comprised of topics specific to food composition, preparation, food service systems, safety, regulations and new technologies.
  • Professional Practice

    This Practice Category applies to topics focusing on professional development, education and skill enhancement.