What's New in PEN Global

PEN® Holiday Season Countdown  
November 28, 2014  
Don’t miss the PEN® Holiday Season Countdown!
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Starts December 1, 2014

PEN® Handout Collections Have Been Redesigned 
November 13, 2014 
The PEN® Handout Collections have been redesigned to enhance access to all PEN® client handouts and to make language translation and culturally-adapted handouts even easier to find. Check it out!

PEN® Promotional Video for the 2014 Asian Congress of Dietetics  
September 1, 2014
A multilingual promotional video was created by the Dietitians Association of Australia for the recent Asian Congress of Dietetics in Taipei: The Power of PEN.  

PEN® Welcomes Japanese Dietitians to a PEN® Trial
September 1, 2014 
200 members of the Japan Dietetic Association are participating in a one year trial of the PEN database. A train-the-trainer workshop was held in Tokyo on August 26, 2014. 

PEN® Writer's Training Modules  
May 6, 2014
Several writer’s training modules have been developed for PEN® users who want to learn more about systematic searching, critical appraisal and the evidence-based processes used in writing content for the PEN® database. The modules are in PDF format and are located on the same page as the PEN® Writer's Guide. They can be downloaded and reviewed at your convenience.

Our Newest Global Parter  
December 10, 2013  
Fáilte! PEN® Global would like to welcome members of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute. We hope that you find PEN to be your "pot of gold" in terms of dietetic practice guidance!

PEN proudly flies the flags of the countries participating in the global PEN partnership. For tools and resources, the flags appear next to the titles to help you identify tools or resources containing content that is country specific. You may also see more than one flag next to a tool or resource title. This means that the tool meets the guidelines for those specific countries. A tool or resource without any flags means that it contains advice that is broadly applicable. For knowledge pathways, the flags indicate that experts from that country have reviewed some or all of the content to ensure country-specific policy documents or guidelines have been incorporated into the key practice points, evidence statements and references.