Gastrointestinal System - Pediatric/Paediatric

Pathway Contributor: Elke Sengmueller


Elke's career to date consists of nearly 20 years in clinical practice, accumulating a broad scope of expertise, including care of patients of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic levels, and in a variety of settings: ICU/NICU, acute care (med/surg and psychiatric), outpatient/rehabilitative care, home care and private practice. Her private practice work has focused primarily on the areas of mental health/addictions, GI disorders, and paediatrics; whereas her hospital work has focused on ICU and surgical care, with an emphasis on the proficient delivery of nutrition support. Outside of direct patient care, Elke have been an invited speaker on numerous occasions regarding nutrition and mental health. She also co-authored a book, ASD: The Autism Spectrum Health and Diet Guide, and the DC role paper: Promoting Mental Health Through Healthy Eating and Nutrition Care. Additionally, she conducts nutrition-related medico-legal assessments, and has collaborated with the Human Rights Commission of Ontario on several cases.

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