Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pathway Contributor: Rupinder Dhaliwal


Rupinder Dhaliwal is the Director of Operations, Metabolic Syndrome Canada, a nonprofit organization aimed at improving the health of Canadians with metabolic syndrome. She is currently leading the expansion of a team-based diet and exercise intervention, the CHANGE program, in primary care clinics across Canada. In her past positions as Manager of Research & Networking at the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit at Queen’s University and Executive Director for the Nutrition and Rehabilitation Investigators Consortium, she played a key role in the implementation of multicenter randomized trials and the development of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Nutrition in the Critically ill. She also facilitated the advancement of research in areas of critical care nutrition and exercise. She is currently assisting researchers in Alberta conduct an international audit of nutrition in patients with foregut cancers. Rupinder has written numerous scientific publications and presented at many national and international conferences, including the Dietitians of Canada Coast to Coast series. In 2016 she was awarded the “Fellow of Dietitians of Canada” for her professional growth, excellence and achievements throughout her career. She joined the Board of Directors of the Canadian Nutrition Society in 2017.

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