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Working with the Media - Let's Make Our Voices Heard

Highlights of the Dietitians of Canada Media Sessions at the 2004 Central and Southern Ontario Regional Conference.

  2013-03-21 – Other

APD Telehealth Guidelines

This Dietitians Australia (formerly DAA) document for professionals outlines the considerations that are needed when providing clinical consultations over the phone or internet.

  2020-06-12 – Other

Research Methods in Dietetic Practice Background

Background information regarding research methods in dietetic practice.

  2022-01-28 – Background

Counselling Strategies - Mindful Eating Background

Background information regarding mindful eating.

  2018-02-08 – Background

Nutrient Analysis Databases - International Listing

A listing of international and country specific nutrient analysis databases and software analysis programs for professionals and consumers.

      2022-02-10 – Other

Lactose Intolerance Background

Background information on lactose intolerance.

  2020-11-19 – Background

Gastrointestinal System Adult - Celiac/Coeliac Disease Web Links

A collection of web sites related to celiac/coeliac disease.

      2015-12-07 – Website

Nutrigenomics Web Links

A collection of websites related to nutrigenomics.

   2018-03-03 – Website

Integumentary System Web Links

A list of websites related to the integumentary (hair, skin and nails) system.

     2018-04-09 – Website