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Ramadan Health Guide: A Guide to Healthy Fasting

This booklet from Communities in Action provides consumer information about health issues related to fasting to help them make informed choices, minimise complications and maximise the benefit of the fast. There is also a section for professionals to enable them to provide more informed services.

  2011-02-22 – Handout

Diabetes Canada: Position Statement for People With Types 1 and 2 Diabetes Who Fast During Ramadan

A position statement from Diabetes Canada for People With Types 1 and 2 Diabetes Who Fast During Ramadan.

  2019-04-25 – Handout

Do individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who fast have improvement in their arthritic symptoms compared to individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who do not fast?

2020-04-16 – Practice Question

Ramadan and Diabetes

Information from Diabetes UK about diabetes and fasting during Ramadan.

  2019-04-25 – Handout

Fast Facts about Diabetes 2011

A Public Health Agency of Canada overview on diabetes and how well people are managing their diabetes.

  2013-10-08 – Topic Overview

Gastrointestinal System - Cleansing Background

Background information regarding cleansing.

2015-08-21 – Background

Gastrointestinal Disease - Cleansing Practice Guidance Toolkit

This toolkit provides an overview of the Gastrointestinal Disease - Cleansing Knowledge Pathway that includes a description of the topic, key nutrition issues, nutrition assessment, intervention, nutrition monitoring/evaluation, and client resources.

2015-02-10 – Practice Guidance Toolkit

Eat Better, Perform Better: Sports Nutrition Guidelines for the Vegetarian

This fact sheet from the Vegetarian Resource Group on Eating to Exercise and Compete covers the pre-event and post-event meal, supplementing during the event, fasting and fibre needs for vegetarian athletes.

2016-02-24 – Handout

Heart UK: Healthy Eating On the Go

A consumer fact sheet published by Heart UK: The Cholesterol Charity providing information and tips on healthy eating when on the go.

  2016-03-31 – Handout