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Malnutrition Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding malnutrition.

2021-02-19 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

Malnutrition Web Links

A collection of websites related to malnutrition.

    2022-04-01 – Website

BDA Food Fact Sheet: Malnutrition

A factsheet developed by the British Dietetic Association providing information on spotting malnutrition, stopping malnutrition and treating malnutrition.

  2019-03-11 – Handout

Fr: Diagnostiquer la malnutrition - Questionnaire d’évaluation globale subjective (Diagnosing Malnutrition – Subjective Global Assessment)

French Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) forms and instructions for how to use it to identify patients at risk of malnutrition in the hospital. Developed by the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force (CMTF). Includes information on how to purchase SGA video collection.

  2022-07-18 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

BAPEN (malnutrition website)

This BAPEN (British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) website provides information on the prevention, screening ('MUST' resources) and treatment of malnutrition. It also includes sections on what can be done about malnutrition and resources for professionals.

  2022-07-18 – Website

'Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool' ('MUST')

The 'Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool' from BAPEN (British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) is a five-step screening tool for professionals that identifies adults who are at risk of malnutrition, are malnourished, or are obese. Validated for use in hospitals, community and other care settings.

2020-03-10 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool

Malnutrition in Cancer - eLearning

An eLearning program for clinicians on malnutrition and cancer from the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria, Australia in conjunction with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Topic modules include an overview of malnutrition, nutrition implications, multidisciplinary team involvement, screening and flags, and related case studies and resources. EviQEd and registration login required and an agreement to be involved in a research project, with an option to opt out.

  2019-04-14 – Course

Malnutrition - Is Your Patient at Risk? Malnutrition Screening Tool (MST)

A malnutrition screening tool from Queensland Government, validated in the cancer population.

2022-07-19 – Evaluation/Assessment Tool