PEN Terminology and Features


  • Knowledge Pathway

  • Practice Category

  • Practice Question

  • Practice Question Subcategories

  • Key Practice Point

    Based on a synthesis of the most valid, important and applicable evidence, the Key Practice Points provide a succinct evidence-based recommendation or “answer” to a dietetics practice question.  Key Practice Points include three subcategories: Recommendations, Evidence Summary and Remarks. Supporting information is provided in Evidence (Statements), Comments/ Rationale and References. 
  • Recommendations

  • Evidence Summary

  • Remarks

  • Evidence

  • Comments

  • Rationale

  • References

Practice-Based Evidence in Nutrition® [PEN] is an innovative knowledge translation tool designed to put you on the leading edge of evidence-based practice in food and nutrition. PEN supports decision-making for: 

  • clinicians through best practice point-of-care guidance to improve inpatient and outpatient health outcomes and reduce health care costs
  • public health/community practitioners through complete population health and lifecycle practice guidance based on best evidence
  • university educators as a teaching tool in critical appraisal and evidence-based decision making
  • food service administrators through up-to-date best evidence in issues such as food safety and nutrient analysis software
  • policy-makers as an evidence-based reference to guide policy development
  • food manufacturers for a synthesis of latest research on consumers' understanding of food labels or health claims.  


Key features of PEN that make it your first choice for practice guidance:

Updated January 2023