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Food Security Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding food security.

2013-10-09 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

Food Security Background

Background information regarding food security.

2013-11-01 – Background

Food Security Web Links

A collection of websites related to food security and environment sustainability.

     2018-12-28 – Website

Canadian Community Health Survey Cycle 2.2, Nutrition (2004): Income-Related Household Food Security in Canada

This Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion report provides “national and provincial estimates of income-related food security at the household, adult and child level based on a standard multiple-indicator measure of food security”. It also includes a descriptive overview and highlights food insecure population subgroups.

  2011-10-17 – Monitoring Report

Thought about food? A workbook on food security and influencing policy

This Food Security Projects of the Nova Scotia Nutrition Council workbook incorporates ideas, insights and advice from people involved in food security issues and actions across Canada. It provides tools and information to inspire communities to come together and act to make food security a reality for everyone. Also a good example of advocacy tool.

  2012-05-01 – Manual/Guide