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Dysphagia Background

Background information regarding dysphagia.

  2023-04-20 – Background

Dysphagia Web Links and Books

A collection of websites and books related to dysphagia.

  2023-03-28 – Practice Guideline

Dysphagia Practice Guidance Toolkit

This toolkit provides an overview of the Dysphagia Knowledge Pathway that includes a description of key nutrition issues, assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and monitoring/evaluation along with related resources.

2023-04-13 – Practice Guidance Toolkit

International Dysphagia Guideline Collection

A collection of practice guidelines related to dysphagia.

  2023-03-28 – Practice Guideline

Dysphagia Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding dysphagia.

2023-02-01 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

Dysphagia (Swallowing Problems)

Information from NHS about dysphagia and its treatment for individuals who have swallowing difficulties.

  2022-11-28 – Handout

Defining the Role of the Dietitian in Dysphagia Assessment and Management

A Statement from Dietitians of Canada on the role of the dietitian in dysphagia assessment and management.

  2015-04-29 – Position Paper/Policy Document

Competencies for Dysphagia Assessment and Management in Dietetic Practice

Competencies required for safe, ethical, and effective practice in dysphagia related-care developed by the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies in June 2017.

  2017-07-26 – Practice Guideline

Classification of Thickened Liquids for Dysphagia – English Summary

Summary information in English about the classification of thickened liquids for individuals with dysphagia who live in Quebec.

  2022-11-28 – Manual/Guide