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In addition to tools/resources developed specifically by the PEN® team or its partner associations (see PEN Handout Collections which includes translations and adaptations where available), links to tools/resources on external websites have been selected for this Knowledge Pathway based on their consistency with the evidence, authoritative source and currency. These external tools/resources are provided as sources of additional information believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of publication and should not be considered an endorsement of any information, service, product or company. Country-specific resources may not be totally consistent with the evidence presented in PEN, but are included to reflect current country guidelines and practice.

  • Anaphylaxis in Schools and Other Settings. Third Edition

    Last Reviewed: 2019-01-03Manual/Guide  

    These Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology guidelines provide information on anaphylaxis for schools and other settings.

     Target Audience: Consumer

  • Are You Packing a Healthy Lunch?

    Last Updated: 2019-06-01Handout  

    This Public Health Agency (UK) booklet is designed to improve school age childrens’ nutrition and implement healthier eating and drinking practices. It contains practical tips for parents, carers and children on how to pack an appetising, healthy lunchbox.

     Target Audience: Consumer

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