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International Physical Activity Guideline Collection

An international collection of physical activity guidelines.

          2019-04-26 – Practice Guideline

International Pregnancy (Prenatal/Antenatal) Nutrition Guidelines Collection

A collection of clinical practice guidelines related to prenatal/antenatal nutrition and healthy eating during pregnancy. Includes hypertension, hyperemesis, obesity, multiple pregnancy, folic acid supplementation and alcohol.

      2019-08-30 – Practice Guideline

International Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Guideline Collection

A collection of international guidelines on COPD.

     2019-12-13 – Practice Guideline

International Food Safety Collection

An international collection of food safety websites with information on standards, regulations and legislation.

        2019-07-07 – Website

International Child Growth Charts Collection

An international collection of commonly used growth charts for children.

       2019-05-03 – Practice Guideline

International Infant and Child Guidelines Collection

An international collection of nutrition guidelines for infants and children.

        2017-06-21 – Practice Guideline

International Caffeine Guidelines Collection

A collection of guidelines related to caffeine intake.

      2019-11-15 – Practice Guideline

International Dietetic Competency Collection

A collection of dietetic competencies and accreditation standards.

        2017-06-21 – Practice Guideline

Nutrient Analysis Databases - International Listing

A listing of international and country specific nutrient analysis databases and software analysis programs for professionals and consumers.

      2019-12-04 – Other

International Dietary Reference Values Collection

A collection of dietary reference values.

         2019-03-27 – Practice Guideline