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Model for Multicultural Nutrition Counseling Competencies

Study regarding a multicultural nutrition counselling competencies model for dietitians from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

2014-12-12 – Newsletter Article/Journal

Outcomes of Dietitian Interventions Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding the outcomes of dietitian interventions.

  2018-11-01 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

The Role of Nutrition in Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention

The position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) on the role of nutrition in health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

  2019-04-08 – Position Paper/Policy Document

Counselling Strategies - Mindful Eating

2018-10-11 – Knowledge Pathway

Dietitians and Chronic Disease Management

An advocacy-related, bilingual fact sheet from Dietitians of Canada outlining where nutrition counselling by dietitians can reduce client’s risk of developing diabetes and improve eating behaviours.

  2018-10-25 – Handout

Learn How To Eat Mindfully with the ‘Eat-Mojis’

A tool developed by IFIC to help consumers gauge hunger before starting eating and during eating.

   2016-09-06 – Other