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Model for Multicultural Nutrition Counseling Competencies

Study regarding a multicultural nutrition counselling competencies model for dietitians from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

2014-12-12 – Newsletter Article/Journal

Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (NCPT) Background

Background information regarding the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (previously IDNT).

  2021-05-04 – Background

Outcomes of Dietitian Interventions Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding the outcomes of dietitian interventions.

  2018-11-01 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

Nutrition Care Process and Terminology Web Links

A listing of country-specific websites providing information on the nutrition care process (NCP) and related terminology.

      2021-02-25 – Website

Do digital dietary assessment tools used during one-on-one nutrition counselling improve diet history accuracy?

2023-06-02 – Practice Question

Registered Dietitians in Aboriginal Communities: Feeding Mind, Body, Spirit

Dietitians of Canada advocacy tool describing the role of the dietitian in aboriginal communities, including providing nutrition information and counselling, building capacity and creating supportive environments.

  2014-04-30 – Position Paper/Policy Document