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Writing Health Information For Patients and Families

A 4th edition guide from Hamilton Health Sciences on how to write health information for patients and their families.

  2017-02-23 – Manual/Guide

The Benefits of Eating Together for Children and Families

This resource outlines the benefits of eating together and provides strategies for making it easier and more enjoyable.

  2017-09-06 – Handout

Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergies in the United States: Summary for Patients, Families, and Caregivers

A summary of guidelines for patients, families and caregivers on the diagnosis and management of food allergies from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, US Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health.

  2011-09-01 – Practice Guideline

Force-fed: Does The Food System Constrict Healthy Choices For Typical British Families?

A report published by The Food Foundation looking at what typical British families eat, and what is influencing their choice of food and drink.

  2016-02-10 – Monitoring Report

Living Confidently with Food Allergy - A Guide for Parents and Families, 2 Edition

This second edition Food Allergy of Canada booklet provides information for parents and families on how to manage allergies in children.

  2017-11-02 – Handout

Feeding our Families

This Health Sponsorship Council (NZ) website provides quick tips and easy recipes for meals and snacks for families.

  2011-05-21 – Website

Family Food Patch Videos

A collection of short Youtube videos (3 to 5 minutes) from The Family Food Patch for consumers and parents of children from birth to 12 years of age on topics including; introducing solids, getting kids involved with their food, lunchboxes and snacks, physical activity, drinks for children, and sugar in drinks, etc.

  2014-11-10 – Audio/Visual

Weaning made easy moving from milk to family meals (Northern Ireland)

This Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland) consumer leaflet provides parents with information on introducing solid food to their infants. Available in English, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

  2014-07-02 – Handout

Anemia Guidelines for Family Medicine. 2014 edition

These clinical practice guidelines developed by the Anemia Review Panel and published by MUMS Guideline Clearinghouse, provide information and guidance on the management on anemia and the iron content in various foods and infant formulas. Only available for purchase: search ISBN #978-1-894332-15-6 to find where to buy.

  2014-09-29 – Practice Guideline

Fostering Positive Weight-Related Conversations

This knowledge translation casebook from the Bloorview Research Institute is a “compilation of best evidence and practice to assist healthcare professionals in having positive conversation about weight-related issues with children and their families.”

  2018-10-23 – Manual/Guide