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Sample Menus for Gluten-Free Eating

This handout provides ideas and sample menus to help plan gluten-free meals and snacks.

  2014-04-04 – Handout

Gluten Free Checklist

A consumer fact sheet from Coeliac UK providing listing of foods that are: gluten free; foods that need to be checked; and foods that are not gluten free.

  2015-11-27 – Handout

BDA Policy Statement: Gluten Free Food on Prescription

A policy statement from BDA on gluten-free food on prescription for professionals to use to help people with coeliac disease adhere to a life‐long gluten-free diet.

  2015-11-27 – Position Paper/Policy Document

Oats and the Gluten Free Diet - Position Statement Coeliac Australia

A position statement from Coeliac Australia on oats and the gluten free diet.

   2015-04-29 – Position Paper/Policy Document

Fr: Exemples de menu pour une alimentation sans gluten (Gluten-Free Sample Menus)

This handout provides ideas and menus to help plan gluten-free meals and snacks.

  2014-04-08 – Handout

UK Gluten-free Prescribable Products List

A consumer fact sheet from Coeliac UK listing prescribable products as per BDA's policy statement on gluten-free food on prescription.

  2016-02-16 – Handout

Pulses and the Gluten-Free Diet: Cooking with Beans, Peas, Lentils and Chickpeas

A Pulse Canada booklet providing information on cooking with pulses, including how to properly measure pulse flours and 26 gluten-free recipes.

  2018-02-28 – Recipe

Gluten-Free Training for the Food Service and Hospitality Industry

GF-Smart™ is online “professional training for managers, servers, and back of house staff covering the essential aspects of providing safe gluten-free foods within a commercial kitchen. The program covers topics such as ingredient sourcing, proper storage practices, avoiding cross-contamination, gluten-free food preparation and serving”. There is a fee for the training and it is available in English and French.

  2019-05-03 – Course

Fr: Diète sans gluten. Module de formation pour le personnel des services d’alimentation (Gluten Free Diet - A Training Module for Food Service Staff)

This French ARAMARK presentation provides information for food service staff on gluten free diets including information on gluten free products, label reading and tips on preventing cross contamination.

  2014-05-14 – Audio/Visual