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Food Allergy Web Links

A collection of websites related to food allergies.

      2019-05-23 – Website

International Food Allergen Regulation and Guideline Collection

A collection of guidelines and regulations on food allergens.

       2019-11-01 – Practice Guideline

Lactose Intolerant / Low Lactose Diet

A fact sheet for consumers from Queensland Health, Nutrition Education Materials Online (NEMO) outlining lactose intolerance, including foods that can be eaten and those that should be avoided.

  2020-04-08 – Handout

Women's Health - Lactation Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

A synthesis of the recommendations and evidence regarding lactation.

     2019-09-19 – Summary of Recommendations and Evidence

Arabic - Health Information Translations

A variety of health education topics translated in Arabic by the Health Information Translations. Nutrition related topics include allergies, lowering sodium, cholesterol, diabetes and low blood sugar, gastroparesis, osteoporosis, sore mouth with cancer treatment. Note resources may focus on different country practice guidelines.

      2018-06-20 – Client Education Tools