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  • Qualitative Research

    Professional Description:

    Qualitative research focuses on social and interpreted, rather than quantifiable, phenomena and aims to discover, interpret, and describe rather than to test and evaluate. Qualitative research makes inductive, descriptive inferences to theory concerning social experiences or settings, whereas quantitative research makes causal or correlational inferences to populations. Qualitative research is not a single method but a family of analytic approaches that rely on the description and interpretation of qualitative data. Specific methods include, for example, grounded theory, ethnography, phenomenology, case study, critical theory, and historiography.

  • Quantitative Research

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    The investigation of phenomena that lend themselves to test well-specified hypotheses through precise measurement and quantification of predetermined variables that yield numbers suitable for statistical analysis.

  • Quasi-experimental Trial

    Professional Description:

    A situation in which the investigator lacks full control over the allocation and/or timing of intervention but nonetheless conducts the study as if it were an experiment, allocating subjects to groups.

  • Quercetin

    Professional Description:

    Aflavonol found in capers, apples, tea, onions, red grapes, citrus fruits, broccoli and other leafy green vegetables, cherries, and several berries including raspberry, lingonberry, cranberry

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